Social Membership

The Hunt wishes to remind members and guests of the following:

-When you ride across private property, except when hunting, you MUST have the landowner's permission or you will be trespassing.

-A fixture card properly received is an invitation to hunt.

-Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

-Grooms will be allowed in the field ONLY with the permission of a Master.

-Season Limit of Six Caps per Guest

-Valid Hunting license and Negative Coggins test required before moving off.

Hunting with Loudoun Hunt

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The Loudoun Hunt
Please check the Hunt monitor (703)-777-8480 for updates on hunting and activities. Meet cancellations will be made at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled meet time

Kennels: Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia
Season: September - March
Meets: Mondays (new), Saturdays, holidays, and occasional bye-days, mainly Wednesdays.

We welcome guests! Visitors are permitted to hunt with us. Please contact the Hon. Secretary for details.

Our Country is approximately 25 by 18 miles. It is agricultural with some development, fenced with coops, barways, post and rails, stone walls, and board fences.

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The Loudoun Hunt has always prided itself on having "something for everyone" who wants to enjoy and support the traditions of fox hunting. We provide social memberships to those who would like to participate in non-hunting activities like the Hunt Ball and Hunt Breakfasts. Please e-mail the secretary on the "contact us" page for more information.

"125th First Year Special:" 50% off appropriate membership fee (2019-2020)

Full Member:                   Single:  $1350   Family: $1750
Joint Member:                 Single:   $600, plus $375 for a second family member
 (Letter required from Secretary of other Hunt indicating membership) 

(Age 20 and under):          No Charge
Associate (young adult)

(Age 21 – 30):                   $365
Social Family:                  $200

(Membership entitlements defined in Social Membership letter)
Cap Fees:                         No Charge during cubbing (2019-2020)

​                                          Please consider a donation to support the hounds

                                          $80 during formal hunting
(Limit of six caps during a season, including cubbing) 

Membership:                    $500

(includes spouse when riding with Professional)
A “Professional Membership” is for barn owners and riding instructors who will bring cap-paying juniors and guests throughout the season.

Ages are as of October 15.  Dues are payable in full by Saturday, October 19, 2019. Cap fees may only be applied to membership dues. Please make checks payable to The Loudoun Hunt and send to: The Loudoun Hunt, P.O. Box 224, Leesburg, Virginia 20178.