Text message and e-mail alerts are an opt-in only service provided to the Hunt by RainedOut. Your telephone number and e-mail address are kept confidential through RainedOut, and the Hunt cannot access them through the service.

If you wish to sign up for RainedOut, please visit their website at www.rainedout.com, search for "Loudoun Hunt," and enter your phone or email number to join. Email is the preferred method as texts are charged per user.

To get on the regular e-mail list, or for any questions, please contact the Honorary Secretary with the form below.

RainedOut additional instructions: To cancel text messages, text the word STOP to 84483. For help from RainedOut, text the word HELP to 84483.

Get in touch with the Loudoun Hunt!

Joint Masters

L.T. Dale, III, MFH 

703.973.0505 / dale2@rcn.com 

Mary T. Sell, MFH

​202.302.2789 /  MSell@bhfs.com

Carroll D. Galvin, MFH

443.690.4041 / carroll.galvin@gmail.com

Paul W. Ritsema, MFH

703.939.1533 / paulwritsema@gmail.com

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Find Us - the Kennels

The Loudoun Hunt

40415 Thomas Mill Road, Leesburg, VA, 20176


Phone:     (703)-777-8480

E-mail:     The Masters

The Loudoun Hunt
  • Call the hunt monitor for a recorded message: 703.777.8480

  • For text message alerts, text the word LOUDOUN to 84483 (please note there is a fee to the Hunt for the service per subscriber) 

  • For e-mail alerts (separate from the e-mail list, see below for information) please use this link. Email Alerts from RainedOut are FREE to the Hunt and the user (preferred method)

  • Reminder! Permission is required of the Masters when hunting with Loudoun Hunt. Please reach out directly before attending.