Joint Masters

L.T. Dale, III, MFH 

703.973.0505 / 

Mary Sell, MFH

​202.302.2789 /

Carroll D. Galvin, MFH

443.690.4041 /

Honorary Secretary

Kirsten Bender 

571.969.0210 /

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Text message and e-mail alerts are an opt-in only service provided to the Hunt by RainedOut. The messaged include a sponsor link, which allows the Hunt to use this convenient service free of charge. Your telephone number and e-mail address are kept confidential through RainedOut, and the Hunt cannot access them through the service.

To get on the regular e-mail list, or for any questions, please contact the Honorary Secretary with the form below.

RainedOut additional instructions: To cancel text messages, text the word STOP to 84483. For help from RainedOut, text the word HELP to 84483.

The Loudoun Hunt

40415 Thomas Mill Road, Leesburg, VA, 20176


Phone:     (703)-777-8480


  • Call the hunt monitor for a recorded message: 703.777.8480

  • For text message alerts, text the word LOUDOUN to 84483

  • For e-mail alerts (separate from the e-mail list, see below for information) please use this link.

  • Reminder! Permission is required of the Masters when hunting with Loudoun Hunt. Please reach out directly before attending.