Photos courtesy of Amy Thompson and Emily Bernstein

Celebrating 125 Years!

Celebrate the Tradition 

The Loudoun Hunt
Established in 1894 and recognized in 1905, the Loudoun Hunt continues to hunt a pack of American and Crossbred foxhounds in a live-hunt in Loudoun County, Virginia. Our kennels are located just outside of Leesburg. We hunt Wednesdays, Saturdays, holidays, and occasional bye-days. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest and most inclusive hunts in the area, just come out with us and we'll show you! We hunt fox in the traditional format, with our hounds, with the mounted field and spectators following by horse, on foot, or by car. Our Capping Fees are among the most reasonable you will find with any hunt in the area.

Call the Hunt Monitor for updates: 703.777.8480 | Text "Loudoun" to 84483 for text message alerts 

​​Guests are welcome, but first require permission from the Masters before coming hunting. Please see Contact Us page for information. 

Deadline for Dues 9/31.

Upcoming Meets/Events:

​Sat.     Nov. 7   Opening Meet
Harris’ Digges Valley          11am
Mon.   Nov. 9    Kennels      10am
Sat.     Nov. 14  Kennels      10am            
Mon.   Nov. 16   Kennels     10am              
Sat.     Nov. 21   Gore Lane  10am
            Or Harris’ Digges Valley
Mon.   Nov. 23 Kennels        10am      
Thurs. Nov. 26   Thanksgiving   10am
             Kennels or Dry Mill Winery
Sat.      Nov. 28   Middletown Valley Beagles   TBD
Sun.     Nov. 29   Joint Meet         TBD
Mon.     Nov. 30   Kennels             10am


Posted 11/8/2020

Please check Monitor 703.777.8480, Facebook, or RainedOut for updated information. 

Walk hounds with us! Hounds are walked on non-hunting days. please call Ron Johnsey, Hunstman, if you would like to join: 703.297.2782.